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Welcome to Kare Teem - Where Cleanliness Meets Dreams!

At Kare Teem, we're not your average cleaning service. We're your partners in transforming your space into a pristine haven while making dreams come true.

Our Passionate Owner:

Kristine isn't just an owner; she's the heart and soul of Kare Teem. Cleaning isn't just a job for her; it's a passion. There's immense joy in turning a messy home or a dull workspace into an inviting and productive environment.

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Meet Kristine

– The Happiest Mother of 3 Dancers

Cleaning is not just a job for me – it is a passion! I really get a personal satisfaction when we transform a dirty home or dingy work space into an inviting and productive environment. I especially love to see my customers’ reaction when they see their spotless home, office, or store. Not only that, cleaning has allowed us to keep our daughters in pursuit of their dreams, and helped our family survive during times when we had nothing else. When my husband got hurt at work years ago, we no longer could afford the costs of living and eventually lost our home.

By cleaning the dance studio our girls attended, we were able to keep them in dance; it was the only thing they wanted in life, and they got good… really good. Now they’re at competition level, and WINNING, which requires a whole lot of travel. The only thing holding them back is finances. So we created this company, and are letting it take flight to provide our kids the opportunity to spread their wings as well. When you use our services, not only will you be satisfied, you will know that your money is making 3, very talented children’s dreams possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to working with you soon.

A Story of Resilience and Dreams:

Cleaning isn't just a business; it's been a lifeline. When her husband faced adversity, Kristine and her family lost their home. But cleaning allowed them to keep their daughters' dreams alive, dreams of becoming incredible dancers. Today, those dreams are winning on the competition stage, but they need your support to soar even higher.

Choose Kare Teem - Clean with Purpose:

When you choose Kare Teem, you're not just getting a clean space; you're enabling dreams. Your support doesn't stop at spotless homes; it makes aspirations possible.

Experience the Kare Teem Difference:

Let's go beyond clean – let's make dreams come true. Contact us now and discover the Kare Teem difference. Together, we'll create a sparkling space and empower dreams to take flight.

Celebrating Unwavering Commitment

We're thrilled to announce that Kare Teem has not only clinched the "2024 Best of Grover Beach Awards - Cleaning Service" for the sixth straight year but has also earned a prestigious spot in the Grover Beach Business Hall of Fame!

This remarkable feat places Kare Teem among an elite group of businesses recognized for their consistent excellence and dedication. Their unwavering commitment to quality and service shines as a beacon for all.

Join us in celebrating this outstanding accomplishment!

Kare Teem Cleaning Service's award
Kare Teem Cleaning Service's award
Kare Teem Cleaning Service's award
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What Sets Us Apart

At Kare Teem, we specialize in residential cleaning services tailored to California and Florida. Our comprehensive residential cleaning includes everything from meticulous dusting and vacuuming to kitchen and bathroom deep cleans. We're committed to delivering a spotless and inviting home environment that meets your unique needs.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do at Kare Teem. Our dedication to serving California and Florida, and the nearby areas with top-notch customer service sets us apart. When you choose Kare Teem for your cleaning needs, you're choosing a team that goes the extra mile to ensure you're delighted with our services every step of the way.

Kare Teem is renowned for its crew of award-winning, certified cleaning professionals dedicated to maintaining the sparkle in homes and businesses in California or Florida. Our clients depend on us for unparalleled expertise and consistency, bolstered by our comprehensive insurance and industry recognitions.

At Kare Teem, we're dedicated to using only the finest cleaning products available. Our commitment to quality extends to the choice of materials and supplies we use for your cleaning needs. When you rely on Kare Teem's services in California or Florida you can be confident in the quality and durability of the products we bring to your home or workspace.

kaneco builder smiling builder and client happily talking expert installers beautiful house

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